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    Needed in Florida
    I originally purchased 10 of these but had to replace one due to a minor issue with the product. I really like this product and if you live where there is a lot of lightning you should absolutely have one for every network connection that comes from out side of your building if not one for every computer you own.

    I have several routers and have installed one where the internet comes into the router and one on each end of any cable between routers and switches that go underground between buildings.

    After my last lightning strike that took out two routers, one network switch and two computers I decided I needed extra protection.

    First I was skeptical that this would cause network slow down or did not really work. Well the network has not slowed one bit and after talking to a local phone company tech I found out that they used a similar product on their end when everyone had copper lines in their homes. Since I never had a phone damaged by lightning I guess they must work.

    I found several of these available from around $8.00 up. You can buy more expensive items but you are mostly paying for a name you have heard of.

    As for buying the ones that are less money than these I would consider not doing so. Not that there would ever be anything wrong with them but if you ever think you would be going to a Gigabit network why but a 10/100 for $8.00 and replace it later with a 10/100/1000.

    As earlier if you liver where there are a lot of lightning strikes I don't think you can go wrong giving these a try. The cost of all 10 of my pieces was less than the price of one computer not counting setup. If they save my just once they were were worth the money.

    As for the issues with the piece I had to return, I assume it would have worked well but the screws that hold the end caps on had an issue with one of the screws. Some how the hole got made larger that the screws that went in the holes. I could have glued the screw in place but opted for a replacement.

    I hope Tupavco does not quit selling these just because of this small issue, I state that because they are listed as currently unavailable and I do know the seller has some in stock as I contacted him and got my last piece directly from him and explained the issue so they correct the issue.
    Guest | 9/29/2012 7:14 PM
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    Excelente desempeño, este pequeño aparato les puede hacer ahorrar muchísimo dinero y más si se trata de router o accespoint ubiquiti
    Guest | 2/24/2013 6:27 PM
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    Hope I never need to find out if it works
    I purchased a couple of these to install between my ISP's equipment and my LAN. If there is a surge and the ISP's gateway gets fried, they will replace it but my routers, switches, AP's, PC's and TV's are on me.

    The units are very small and seem to be well built but you will need to provide a ground for each one you connect, which can be difficult depending on their placement in your home. I made a ground cable out of a 3 prong power cord and some insulated spade type connectors, that way I can use the ground at any power outlet. The case of the protector is not connected to ground internally.

    In my testing, I was able to achieve gigabit links and performance through the protectors. They do not seem to hamper network performance at all.
    Guest | 4/1/2013 7:19 PM
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    So far, So good
    I've ordered a bunch of these the last few weeks so I could eliminate service calls to our wireless customers for burnt out wan ports. Haven't been back to the repeat problems yet. My only issue is that these don't stay in stock! I would love to order more being that I may just put them in at every install.
    Guest | 7/26/2013 7:23 PM
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    Product Review
    The product arrived promptly and was just the shape and size needed.

    It is often hard to tell whether a surge protector is actually doing what it is supposed to do, but we've been through a couple lightning storms since the product was installed -- one lightning strike damaged cards in the telephone switch -- and the data network has not suffered a single problem.
    Guest | 9/2/2013 7:22 PM
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    great product
    I had already bought one of these and didn't know for sure if it was working or not. well i know now. a lightning strike took out the router in my outbuilding, but nothing in my house was touched. last time, before i installed this product, a strike took out everything on both ends. i now have one on each end of the 300 ft run and i feel i will be protected. the only down side is grounding options. i clipped off the connector and installed a grounded plug and plugged it into a wall socket. that seems to be the easiest remedy. great product
    Guest | 7/9/2014 7:25 PM
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    Ethernet surge and spike protectors which work with gigabit and power over ethernet lines.
    Have some ethernet cables out of doors that I wanted to protect from spikes and surges. These look like they have good specs for protection. Works fine on gigabit networks and power over ethernet ( i am using these on both). Had to laugh about the "thunder" protection however. Thunder is after all a sharp sound pressure wave which propagates through air and isn't going to hurt any of your electrical equipment but may have the effect of scaring kids and household critters.

    Remember to ground these however. The best protection is to a nearby ground rod or buried water pipe. I see installations all the time where people buy lighting and surge suppressors but dont ground them or just luck out via other ground paths. Read up on the internet for how to use these
    Guest | 8/16/2014 7:24 PM
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    We are very pleased with this purchase and highly recommend this surge protector
    This Gigabit Ethernet surge protector certainly works well. Since we've had it installed it has protected our equipment through several severe lightning and thunder storms. In the past our equipment has been disable each time a similar storm would strike. We are very pleased with this purchase and highly recommend this surge protector. Installation is very easy.
    Guest | 9/6/2014 7:28 PM
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    Ordered 2, One Refuses to Run Gigabit
    However, of the two units I purchased (one as a spare), the one I tried to hook up refused to run at 1000FD. After spending a ton of time trying to force adapters to sync to 1000, I swapped to the spare one I had and immediately all my problems went away. So, it seems I got a dud. I opened it up and looked for any signs of physical damage, but couldn't find anything blatantly obvious. It will still work in a pinch (I just kept it as a spare), but not as advertised.
    Guest | 2/2/2015 6:28 PM
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