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Why should you invest in an ethernet surge protector blog to inform people on why an ethernet surge protector helps keep their business safe from electrical surges. Including the TP302.

Why should you invest in an ethernet surge protector?

What is a "surge"?

A power surge happens either when the flow of electricity through the grid is interrupted, or when a device that was intended to draw electricity ends up actually sending electricity back into the system. Power surges can also occur in bad weather, during storms and lightning strikes.

What does a surge do?

A surge essentially means there is a larger amount of electricity coming down the wire than it was designed for. All electric devices are designed and rated to run on mains power. If there is a power surge, the device will experience more current draw than it was designed to withstand. This can cause serious damage to the internal components, and in many cases render the device useless. It can even pose a fire risk in extreme cases.

How does a surge protector help?

A surge protector can help protect your devices by monitoring the current flowing through it. If it detects a sudden spike in current, it will divert as much of that excess current as possible to the ground. This means the extra power is safely discharged, rather than flowing into your device.

What types of surge protector are there?

At Tupavco, we offer a broad selection of ethernet surge protectors as a part of our extended range of network protection supplies. You can find outdoor ethernet surge protectors, for example, that are waterproof. You can also find ethernet surge protectors that have lightning suppressing technology - like the Tupavco TP302 ethernet surge protector.

Contact us for more information

If you would like more information about surge protectors, why you need them, or the best surge protector for your needs and budget, contact Tupavco today. Our friendly and experienced team can offer you the peace of mind that you're investing in the right surge protector, to keep your  business and equipment safe from electrical spikes.
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