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Tupavco Computer Networking Equipment - Protecting Your Computer Network

Tupavco LLC are a reseller and distributor of Computer Networking Equipment. Whether you need to facilitate your entire companies computer network, protect yourself from electrostatic discharge attacks and surges using ethernet surge protectors or extend your computer network over large distances using ethernet extenders - Tupavco have everything you could possibly need.

Protecting your network isn't a choice, it's a necessity. Our collection of computer hardware both protects and amplifies the performance of your computer network, ensuring maximum performance is received.


  • The best Yagi cellular antenna
    April 5, 2021

    The best Yagi cellular antenna

    Cellular antennas are needed to capture and transmit signals, including 5G/4G, LTE, and WiFi signals. An antenna might be needed to extend signal range or improve reception in certain locations, and in these instances, it's important to choose the best...

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  • Yagi antennas aren't easy to install correctly to maximise benefits and this blog gives users detailed information on how to use them.
    April 5, 2021

    How to use a Yagi antenna

    A Yagi antenna is a high-gain directional form of signal-boosting antenna that can offer higher gain compared to omnidirectional antennas when used correctly. If you choose to use a Yagi antenna, such as those wireless antennas featured, it will work...

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  • Tupavco blog containing information about how WiFi antennas work
    April 5, 2021

    How do WiFi antennas work?

      WiFi has become increasingly important in our everyday lives and now plays a major part in both our personal and working environments. From computers and printers to smartphones and tablets, it is key to the successful operation of many...

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