Ethernet Extender Kit - 2pc Pair TEX-100 - Range up to 1 Mile over Phone Copper Wire or Network Cable

by Tupavco

UPC: 741360889125

Ethernet Extender Kit (2pc) TEX-100 VDSL2 is a high-speed, Long Reach Ethernet Booster/LAN Repeater with one RJ45 Ethernet port and one RJ45 VDSL port. Bridge modem use VDSL2 technology to extend ethernet wire service over single-pair phone line or CAT5 cable, CAT6 cable. VDSL2 Ethernet Extender features 100Mbps of symmetric data rate over telephone/phone wire or ethernet cable kit.

Use two TEX-100 VDSL2 Extenders (Sender/Receiver) in CO and CPE mode to establish a point-to-point connection extension in your network.


-Support flow control on Fast Ethernet port via PAUSE frame or Back Pressure
-IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tag transparent
-Easy PnP installation network booster broadband distance range extender
-Selectable CPE and CO mode and VDSL2 profile (17a or 30a) via DIP switch are built in the ethernet repeater
-Ethernet bridge VDSL2 profile mode (17a or 30a) for high data rate
-Symmetric mode support the band plan G.997 and provide the symmetric transmission on both down and upstream
-Asymmetric Provides highest line rate in short range
-Selectable target SNR margin


-Network Extender DIP Switch:CO/CPE mode,30a/17a Profile,Symmetric or Asymmetric,SNR margin 6dB/9dB
-LED:ACT/LNK,10/100Mpbs,Half/Full Duplex,CO/CPE,Idle/Trained/Link
-LAN Extender Interface:RJ-45,IEEE 802.3/802.3u/802.3x,10/100 Base-T Auto-Negotiation,Auto-MDI/MDI-X
-VDSL Interface:RJ-45,DMT Encoding,ITU-T G993.1/993.2/G.997.1,Surge Protector

Performance - AWG24 LAN Cable/Phone Cable Wire:
17a VDSL Profile-Down/Up stream

1000ft-100/72 Mbps
30a VDSL Extender
1000ft-100/100 Mbs

The actual data may vary depending on copper wire and environment.



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  • Where do I plug in the 2 telephone wires?

    Hello. You can connect it directly to TEX-100 with phone RJ11 connector.

  • I have a cabin 1/2 mile away that has a telephone extention to it from my home. Can I have both internet and the phone using this unit?


  • How do you hook up a modem to extend your signal with these. I tried a short cable to see if it worked and did not, help please

    These are meant to extend an Ethernet interconnection, i.e. 4G or WiFi modem to Router, Router to switch, switch to switch, switch to device. Connection can be characterized as: Ethernet Device <-> CAT-5 or 6 Patch Cable <-> Tupavco Extender <-> CAT-5 or 6 Cable (or existing telephone twisted pair interfaced with a RJ45 connector) <-> Tupavco Extender <-> CAT-5 or 6 Patch Cable <-> Ethernet Device. If interfacing existing telephone twisted pair to a RJ45 follow standard CAT-5e straight through pin connections for Pair 1 and Pair 2.

  • Has anyone tried running multiple units(say 2 pairs) on a single cat5 cable on 2 different twisted pairs? Interference problems?

    It works ok. We run multiple units over 25 and 50 pair buried phone cables.

  • What are the power and temperature requirements? can i use these on cable pair with existing analog voice service if dsl splitters are used?

    Yes. We do, but the throughput is better with a dedicated pair.

  • I need to dial on the phone before the two points are connected through a voice call. Can I add splitters on both ends and have this work?

    Yes you can have voice and data with DSL splitters, but the throughput is better if they are on dedicated wires.

  • Is this 2 units as noted in the description and picture? "ethernet extender kit - tupavco tupex-100 pair - vdsl2 bridge modem network repeater range"

    I ordered these for my husband. He said, yes, it is two units in one box -- that you have to have two to make it work -- one on each end. He called it a "plug and play." I hope that helps.

  • our phone lines are fiber optic is there a similar device for F.O. wires? If not, how hard is it to convert from fiber optic wire to copper wire ?

    There are fiber optic to ethernet converters but you need to know whether it's multimode fiber or single mode fiber. Hint multimode fiber is usually Orange.

  • Is there any special connectors besides the rj45? Having difficulty getting a connection.

    Setup the Ethernet extenders next to each other, using a short cable to get them talking. Read the instructions on the switch setting (each end is different) the wires between them are crossed. They use only a total of 4 wires. If you need more help respond to my email accordingly

  • How to Extend my netgear modem and use the extenders i believe i am missing a step because different signals from a regular modem and a vdsl any help?

    Go from switch to switch and they work fine. Connect your modem to one of the switches.

  • How do i plug the old single pair telephone line into this extender? all i see are the lan and vdsl plugs?

    You plug your network cable into the lan port. You can then plug a standard phone plug. or ethernet cable into the vdsl socket, it will take either one. You can crimp a new phone jack end on your single pair, or what I did is just spliced an old phone cord onto a spare pair of copper. I think the pair you are using have to be on the center contacts on the jack.

  • Can a CAT5e ethernet cable be used in place of the phone cable to connect the two extenders?

    Yes, it will likely work even better over the CAT5e cable.

  • What is the limiting factor on range? Resistance? Signal loss? Would a tjicker gauge wire mean more range?

    Cat 5 that can go under ground but i still put mine in pvc 700 ft and it works.

  • When using a two wire connection is there a pin-out connection for the vdsl plug? i don't see a single two wire terminal strip.

    There is no terminal strip. The connection is made with the provided 8 pin RJ45 to 4 pin RJ11connector, which uses the two center pins of the plug (4 and 5 in an 8 pin plug), and the center two pins of an RJ11 plug (pins 3 and 4). It was designed to plug into a standard RJ11 receptacle (telephone jack). A standard modular cord will fit the 8 pin VDSL jack on the TEX-100. Connect your wire to an RJ11 connecting block (available everywhere), such as Suttle's SE625. The connection is not polarity sensitive. The center pins may be either red / green, or blue / white blue in the connector cable.

  • We live in old house with plaster walls. Smart tv in basement, desk top with modem on first floor. Separated about 75 ft. Will signal reach ?

    These are not wireless. They are designed to extend an Ethernet communication over the 300 ft limit. Works great if you are using existing hardware like telephone cable to extend an Ethernet signal. For 75 ft you could just run a regular cat-5 cable or get a wifi booster

  • I have buried four-wire phone cable - two pairs but not twisted - linking two buildings. Will this work over non-twisted pair?

    Ours are not twisted they are a cat 5 burial and works fine

  • Hello i need to send (extend) internet using regular ethernet cable with rj45 connectin the distante is 300 meters away would this device work ??

    It will work perfectly, that is the exact reason I bought one. My run was about 200M but it is rated up to a mile.

  • Can i use a dsl/voice splitter and have the same line care a telco voice signal and the vdsl data signal? i don't want to get the tex-140s

    Basically, TEX-140s (pair) has that functionality, together with routing

  • What voltage range will the device accept? What are the current or wattage requirements?

    Input: 100-240 50/60Hz 0.5A, Output: 12.0V-1.0A

  • Will this work with carrier based 100bt ( flow control, no auto neg) . Will this passthrough link state of network or router?


  • Will this work using coaxial cable as the interconnect ?

    No, it takes CAT5 or CAT6 cable with RJ-45 connectors.

  • Will this work with POE switches?

    This can not be powered by a POE switch. It needs to be powered locally with the provided power supply. You can use this device as an uplink to a POE switch that wold power other devices (cameras, AP's, etc.). These work great to extend ethernet to outbuildings that have an existing single twisted pair wire ran to them.

  • What should the dip switch settings be? trying to connect a seperate building to my home network.... also what leds shoudl be lit?

    I would set up a short test cable so you can use them before deploying them, to learn these things. Just make sure one is set as a CO and the other as a premises unit.

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