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Yagi Wi-Fi Antenna 2.4GHz 15dBi H:30° V:25° Outdoor Directional Wireless N-female

by Tupavco

UPC: 741360888128
Model Number: TP512

Wireless Yagi is ideally suited for directional and multipoint 2.4 MHz band applications.

WiFi Yagi antenna is the most popular type of directional antenna in use today. The 15dBi 2.4Ghz Outdoor Yagi Antenna offers 25 deg Vertical and 30 deg Horizontal Beamwidth. It is only 25" long. This WiFi Antenna comes with an N-Female pigtail connector. N-Female is an industry standard connector. It has threads on the outside and a center socket.

The Yagi antenna operates without the need for a grounding in most cases. However, you can ground antenna via the outer conductor of the connector and the cable, or through the mounting hardware. We do, however, recommend you install a lightning surge protector between the Yagi and a device to prevent a lightning strike to the antenna from damaging your device and equipment.

Wireless Yagi Antenna TP512 in most cases can not be attached directly to the device (wifi router, signal booster, etc.) without some type of cable converter/adapter This Antenna has N-Female cable/connector so it will need the cable/converter from N-Female type to [your device connector type], usually to some pigtail coax RP-SMA cable connector. Also, you can put amp of some kind or signal booster between device and antenna.

The antenna does not come with mast pole mount; it comes with two U-bolts which can be used with the attached plate for pole mounting. It allows horizontal or vertical polarization.

The yagi antenna is used to direct the WiFi beam. It will increase the signal/reception in the direction it is pointing.

Electrical Data:

Frequency: 2400-2483 MHz
Gain: 15 dBi
VSWR: <1.5:1 Horizontal Beamwidth: 30°
Polarization: Horizontal or Vertical
Horizontal Beamwidth: 30°
Vertical Beamwidth: 25°
Nominal Impedance: 50 Ohms
F/B Ratio: >16 dB
Max Input Power: 100 W
Lightning Protection: DC Ground

Mechanical Data:

Connector: N Female
Dimensions: 24.81in
Weight: 0.93 lb
Cable Length: 9.45in
Reflector Material: Aluminum Alloy
Antenna Material: Mast
Mast Size: Ø40-Ø50mm
Rated Wind Velocity: 210km/h
Operating temperature: -40~+65C

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  • Is there a device i can pair this with for connecting and logging into an isp password-protected wifi hotspot (i.e. wisp portal authentication)?

    Any bridge that supports an external antenna (single) should work.

  • How essential is it to use a mounting pole for the signal quality?

    It is in your interest as the antenna has some weight to it. This means you need a stable platform due to the fact the antenna has a long reach IE you can reach out a great distance for a signal.

  • How do you connect this to a router. My devices have no connection like this?

    If your router doesn't already have an external antenna, the only way to rig this up would be breaking it open and DIY modding it but that would require another part and would void your router warranty and I don't recommend it. Buy a new router instead.

  • Can I use this antenna for receiving a weak wifi signal from a trans. Antenna and hook it to a Linkseys RA6500 range extender inside my house?

    I didn't use the antenna for such an application, but believe it will work.

  • I don't know what I need I am trying to get free wi-fi 1/2 mile away can any tell me what I need?

    I couldn't get this to work. But I am no expert on Wi-Fi. There are videos on YouTube for repurposing old satellite dishes. Haven't tried it myself. But might be a cheaper alternative if you are experimenting.

  • I have a y-cam that is about 60ft outside and thr router is in side. The y-cam has a removable 2.4ghz antenna on it can I use this to reach the router.


  • How much mile this can pick up wifi from in clear area?

    Probably not a mile. Best reception is from a parabolic grid antenna, yet even that may lack a full mile. just my opinion. I've never had a clear path from transmitter to receiver so its only an opinion.

  • Does this anetnna come with the mast as shown in the picture?

    No it does not. You must provide the mast. I use a 10' piece of galvanized 3/4" pipe from Home depot. Less than $20. I have it secured to the back deck railing and the house. You probably don't anything that heavy for this little antenna. You get the antenna and mast mounting hardware, that's all.

  • Trying to send a signal to power 2 wifi cameras @ 900 ft from my router. Will this do this job ? No obstuctions in the way!

    Probably work fine. These are very powerful antennas.

  • I'm thinking of using this with a tripod. Is there anway I can modify this for a tripod if so which tripod?

    Don't see why not, as long as the tripod is large enough, I would use one with a 2 foot or larger stance, and the mounting adapter must be rigid and as far as I know no one makes it so that would have to be custom made.

  • I have a metal shop about 50 feet from my house and want to get wifi from the house to the inside of the shop, without having to Is this what I need?

    Yes, it should help. Make sure your WiFi is 2.4ghz.

  • I'm trying to extend my current wifi to an outbuilding 525 feet away. Is this what I need?

    I am using mine with good results with an Ubiquiti Networks Picostation2 to extend my wifi from my house out to a camper by the pond which is about 500 feet from the house. I haven't tried it connected directly to the router as it is not conveniently located. My phone, iPad and computer all get a good signal in the camper.

  • I own a small campground and have wifi but will not reach out into the campground. Could this be placed on an outside garage to extend my signal?

    Yes, maybe depending on your situation. This is a wifi antenna with a 15 db gain over an omnidirectional antenna which means it's quite directional. I'm using one to get wifi to a room in my pole building which is a few hundred feet from our house. I will mount the antenna on the side of my pole building and point it at the wifi router in my house. I feed the signal into the building with a 25 foot cable and run it to a wifi usb dongle on my desktop computer. This should give me a nice strong wifi signal over the 200 foot distance. You however need to re-broadcast the signal to your campers with a more omnidirectional antenna. You might be able to use a wifi extender or dedicate a computer in your out-building to drive another router tied to an external omni antenna to serve your campers. It's a little tough to point you in exactly the right direction without knowing your particular layout. This antenna however would be a big benefit in getting a wifi signal to your out-building. Then it can be distributed from there.

  • Is this to extend wifi?

    A yagi antenna is used to direct the WiFi beam. It will increase the signal/reception in the direction it is pointing but reduce it everywhere else.

  • Can I use this as a recieving antenna? I can get signal on the outside of my metal building but not on the interior of the building. Maybe a repeater?

    Yes, it works better outside.

  • Will this will work well to extend range of wifi signals from places like mcds, libraries, etc when traveling? or do we need wireless n?This is g only?

    What kind of setup do you plan on doing? like a perminant installation on an RV or something to carry with a laptop? the RV serino might be a little more practical but the problem is yagi antennas are highly directional so a method to reposition it would be needed each time you moved locations. they do have much better range than your standard omni pigtail "stick" type antennas but are primarly designed for point to point static applications. also, where did you hear this was for G band wifi only? I have 2 using wirless N right now with no issues.

  • I have a yagi wifi antenna , and the cable is like mini coaxial female, what kind of cable do I need and what router to connect and use it?

    Depends on your needings (a device you need to connect) we can offer different types of converters with surge protectors (2 in 1).

  • I've got internet in my house and trying to get it in to a trailer house about 1500 feet away. What can I use?

    These should work if you have line of sight and not too much 2.4Ghz interference in your area. For best results, you'll probably need one antenna at each location pointed towards each other. I used 2" diameter wood tree stakes with the antenna about 6' above the ground and vertically polarized.. (reduces interference with horizontally polarized WiFi sources). Your source and destination transceivers will need to have removable antennas. This antenna has an "N" type connector and most routers use "SMA" so you'll need a converter or cable for each one. I replaced a Hawking HAI15SC 15dBi with this (same gain spec) and got much better results. The distance is 200+ feet and source throughput is 35Mbps. The Hawking antenna would give me 5-7Mbps and this antenna in the same location is a steady 28Mpbs.

  • Can this be tied to my WiFi (mifi) router to increase cell signal coming into router?

    That is what I used it for, I had to buy a short cable to connect it from the antenna to the router. In my case it worked better connecting the antenna to the the external camera that I was using. I received a good signal from 1600 yards away with the antenna and about 500 yards without the antenna.

  • Can I disconnect the antenna lead and replace it with an other coax cable so i don't have to use a n - sma adapter?

    Nope. The pigtail is a permanent attachment.

  • I'm looking to send a signal 65' into my garage from an AirPort Extreme to an airport express. What do I need to do this?

    65 feet should be no problem as long as you have a clear line of sight and your garage is not metal. A steel building will block the signal.

  • Can I hook this to a smart tv to get signal from house about 400' away?

    Your Smart TV expects to connect to the network via WiFi or an Ethernet cable. You will need a router or an Extender device to take the antenna signal and put it on an Ethernet cable or rebroadcast it via WiFi. 400 hundred feet is a good ways. I am going about 250 feet. You might need a better transmitting antenna (hooked to the router at the house), in order to get a good signal. If you put one of these antennas at each end and pointed them at each other, that would probably work real well. Particularly if there is nothing in-between them. You will need adapter cables to go from the antenna connector on your router/extender to the one on the antenna. I am using a Netgear AC-1900 as an extender.

  • Ok I have wifi inside the house but not inside my metal 60x125 shop thats roughly 200 yards away will I be able to pick up wifi off of my house signal?

    Two things with the above problem. Your first issue is you will have to extend your wireless network to the edge of your barn. This may mean either adding a repeater with a directional antenna or placing your Wireless router by a window facing your shop. Secondly, you will need to place your Yagi outside of your building facing the house. I would suggest at minimum purchasing two and pointing them at each other, both mounted externally and grounded correctly. You will then need to attach a wireless router/WAP/repeater to each as the Yagi is an antenna, not a router. Lastly, you will need an extension cable that goes from N types to SMA type, these style antennas have a cell tower grade connector and most home wireless equipment uses a smaller SMA type connector. Either type of SMA cable type will work. Some have pins so check your router/WAP/repeater first.

  • Can this be used with my HP Chromebook?

    No. You do not have an external antenna connection on the device. You may be able to use it at the router end if you have the appropriate adapters and an external router antenna connection.

  • Will the cable that comes with this screw on to my alfa adapter?

    You'll need an adaptor or pigtail, such as an "N Male to RP-SMA Male Pigtail Cable".

  • I want to connect to a lynksys wrt54gl. Will the cable work or do I need to order something (cable) different?

    You need a Male to RP-SMA Male Pigtail Cable. You will probable also need a RP-SMA Male to Female connector so that you can reach your wireless router.

  • What max dbm power i can use with this antenna to be with limist of fcc? i have the number of 21dbm, is that correct?

    Is the 21dbm level an input to the antenna or an output of the antenna? 21 dbm corresponds to 125mW. The risks are RF interfering with others, or tissue damage to humans standing next to the antenna when transmitting. Most WiFi USB drivers have 500mW output before given to an antenna which is 27dbm (500mW). Also dbm is dependent on where it is measured, like right next to the antenna or say 100 feet away. offers an interesting tutorial to detail how dbm varies. I cannot exactly answer your question but likely you are OK if using a 500mW USB device.

  • Does this antenna need a balun (impedance matching transformer) between the antenna and the input cable to a wifi extender?


  • How far does it reach?

    All depends on the location its placed. I bought 2 of these and have one on top of my house and one about 700 yards away on my barn and full bars with my internet connection with no drop outs. Took 2 ppl to get the antennas placed correctly.

  • What exact cable do I need to attach the antenna to a laptop?

    Depends on what kind of port you have on the back of your laptop. You have to have a laptop that has some kind of cable connection to use this, or you can buy a USB wifi dongle that has a detachable antenna and replace it with this.

  • I'm living in RV Metal Walls & Metal Roof, no signal inside, @ RV Park w/free wifi, would this Antenna and say a 10 foot cable get me a wifi signal?

    As long as you mount the antenna on the outside of your RV, the metal walls/roof shouldn't matter. I recommend mounting it on the roof or as high up as you can; the less dense matter between you and the wifi signal the better off you'll be. After that, the two things that matter the most are your distance from the access point and the strength of the signal. Make sure you know where the wifi source is located and point the antenna appropriately. I got an extra 150 feet of range with no reduction in signal quality (no obstacles between access point and antenna except a wood/brick wall), so I'd say that's the minimum range you could expect; I imagine it's considerably more than that, but I don't know enough about wifi to give you a better answer.

  • I have a netgear nighthawk router with four external antennas. Can I connect this antenna to one of my router's external antennas and still work well?

    Yes, but you will have to research on your router and you may need an additional connector to make it work.

  • Has anyone got a signal inside a metal building with this?

    In general it is a bad idea to try to go through metal with any wireless signal. Essentially metal acts as a mirror to radio frequencies. If you can place this in a window and what you are aiming toward is facing that direction it can work. If you intend on aiming at a metal wall you will be disappointed. The best plan is to use LMR cable and place the antenna on the roof aimed directly at the device you wish to communicate with.

  • I'm using a 2010 Apple imac. does anyone know what software it comes with? Will it work with OSX 10.+ ?

    This is just a wireless antenna which can be used to extend range of wireless signal. It has no software.

  • I need to shoot a wifi signal about 2 miles, will this be able to do that?

    Big answer is "depends." Depends is if it is line of sight, interference from other 2.4ghz sources, strength of the signal (wattage), and speed you expect to get out the system. If you had a high wattage station, then it may be possible. I use this between two homes right next to each other (standard city lots.) The antenna is mounted outside of the "receiving" home and the access point is about 40' away with an A/C unit, 60's wall construction (thick drywall, lots of paint) and a concrete block wall. The signal strength with a standard AP is as good as standing next to the AP (as far as measured dBi.) Speed is also maxed out as well on both the AP and bridge. I used a cheap TP Link bridge to "bridge" the internet connection between the homes. The access point is a netgear a/b/g standard access point (108Mbps I think max, but best we can do is 54Mbps due to so many APs around.). In short, the antenna is only one part of the equation. Yes if you have proper base stations, no if you use standard off the shelf gear. Good news is the antenna is reported to be able to handle high wattage output.

  • I want to connect this antenna to a wireless router?

    You can if your looking to extend your wireless range in a certain direction. If your trying to amplify just for general use around home, you may want to look at omni directional antenna.

  • What's the differnce between the tp512 and this tp513 models?

    TP513 appears to be longer and higher gain. TP512 according to the specs is 15dBi, while TP513 is 17dBi.

  • How or what connectors do I need to set this up and connect this to my laptop in order to connect to a hotspot down the street?

    Laptop connects by WIFI to your Router, Antenna connects to router, need Two Antenna one on your end and one on the other end,they must be able to"See" each other without obstructions in between.

  • I have a 2.4ghz wi-fi signal.what is the maximum range i can send this signal from my router?

    That depends on a lot of variables. For best results us low loss cable as short as possible. Make sure you have line of sight with no obstructions, no walls, trees, hills, etc. With properly aimed Yagi antennas on both ends and no interference you may get as far as a 400M. Or about 1/4 mile.

  • Putting this in my garage with weak signal, approx 60' from the house and router. What do I need to hook this up to an old WRT 54g router? Concerns?

    I assume the 54g is in the house and you are trying to get the signal to a laptop. Buy this if this is the case Alfa 1000mW 1W 802.11b/g. Great long range adapter. If you are trying to get the signal to run a tablet or phone, buy a new router. The wrt is not the strongest on signal output.

  • Does this connect to the awus 036NH wireles adapter out of the box?

    No, you will need a pig tail such as the uxcell N-Type Male Connector to RP-SMA Female Antenna Pigtail Cable 1M.

  • I would like to extend my signal from main unit for the wireless security cameras, can this atenna help or which one is best.

    It will work but you will have to connect it to the antenna output on your router.

  • Does it come with a mount?

    It does come with two U-bolts which can be used with the attached plate for pole mounting. I would have to bouble check, but I believe the plate can be reattached as well to allow for horizontal or vertical polarization.

  • Can this antenna feed a router to set up a hot spot?

    Thats what I'm doing, my router has three antenas, hooking the yagi in place of one of the antenas to make a building to building network.

  • Can you attach an extension cable at the antenna's driven element or must you use the pigtail?

    No, you must attach it to the pig tail.

  • Is this antenna meant to receive or transmit?

    It will receive as well as transmit. You must have it connected with a device capable of doing both,however. Such as a router, wireless modem, etc.

  • Where can i find an adapter that plugs in to my usb port on my laptop and then screws in to the pigtail on the antenna?

    You'll have to get a dongle threaded for sma and additionaally a pigtail sma to n-type to adapt it. But this will be useless unless you have a few watt booster too.

  • Came this antenna replace the existing antenna on an ip camera to capture a wifi signal from a wireless router?

    It should, if the antenna on the camera is removable but you will need a cable to make the connection from the camera to the antenna and an adapter to compensate for the difference in connector size/type between the cable and antenna; you will need to check your connections for gender (m-f) to be sure you have the proper cable and adapter.

  • I'm interested in buying would this antenna somehow connect to alfa wireless adapter awus036nha?

    You will need a pigtail similar to "uxcell N-Type Male Connector to RP-SMA Female Antenna Pigtail Cable 1M". It should be in the frequently bought together list.

  • Physical connection question: I want to set up an external antenna to connect with security cameras around the property. How would I connect this to?

    Depends on your needings (a device you need to connect) we can offer different types of converters with surge protectors (2 in 1).

  • do I need a amp of some kind to put with this antenna? If so what is a good one?

    It depends what you want to accomplish, environment, terrain etc. If you have signal without amp you don't need it.

  • What do I hook this up to once I run the cable inside my metal building? Wifi from house is about 50 feet away.

    You will hook it directly into wifi card on the computer, or you can hook it into an access point to distribute the wifi to multiple devices. Either way you will need to make sure the object you are plugging into has the correct coupler.

  • Can you suggest a cable of approx 1 to 2 meters that is compatible with connectors that are N Male to RP-SMA female?

    I purchased the TRENDnet low loss cable. I purchased the waterproof version in 8 meter length, as I needed to go pretty far for line of sight. This cable works great. I'm sure you can get TRENDNET cables in 2 meter lengths. Hope this helps.

  • Which side should be pointed to router to pick up signal?

    The feed coax end should be on the end furthest away from the router.

  • Does this antenna works on 5ghz?

    No, it's only 2.4GHz antenna.

  • Can any one tell me how much feet this can pick up wifi from in clear area?

    I really don't know. In my application I am using it over approximate 1250 ft distance.

  • I have a building 400 feet away from my wifi router, will this product get a signal through 2 wood and sheetrock walls and one cinder block wall?

    No. The yagi is only good if you have a direct line of sight to the access point. You are going to want a bi-directional antenna.

  • I'm want to borrow open wifi from 100 ft away. Is there a single device that connects to this antenna and broadcast internet wirelessly at my home?

    You will need a WiFi Repeater/Range Extender. (For example, I have the TP-Link TL-WA801ND Connect the Yagi or any hi-gain antenna to the repeater, then use a web browser to open the repeater's setup menu and select the wireless signal you want to connect to. It's usually fairly simple, but can sometimes be a bit quirky, depending on the brand of repeater. Just make sure the repeater/range extender has removable antennas. And this will only work for "open" unsecured WiFi hotspots, or those you know the password for. I've used this setup while traveling in our RV at campsites and other locations that are out of range of the WiFi signal.

  • Will this connect directly to an alfa wifi dongle, or will I need an adapter?

    We can offer different types of converters with surge protectors (2 in 1). Check Tupavco 1605.

  • Can this antenna connect directly to a wireless router; replacing the omnidirectional antenna?

    N Male Connector to RP-SMA Male Antenna Pigtail Cable 1M -- this will get you connected to most modems that have an antenna that "unscrews" My experience is that modems with two antennae use one for transmit and the other for receive. Put the Yagi (turn it so rods are aligned vertically) onto the receive side (experiment to figure out which that is).

  • I have a y-cam that is about 60ft outside and the router is in side. The y-cam has a removable 2.4ghz antenna on it can I use this to reach the router.


  • I plan on installing this antenna on a 10- 15 ft mast, i know i need to purchase a cable to bring it into the rv. do i need a router in rv?

    You just need a WiFi adapter, either internal or external. I am using the Alfa AWUS036NH 2000mW 2W 802.11g/n High Gain USB Wireless G / N Long-Range WiFi Network Adapter.

  • You can connect to the TL-WN722N USB adapter and cable N Male to RP-SMA Connector Male?

    Yup, it's a killer arrangement.