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Yagi WiFi Antenna 2.4GHz 17dBi Angle H:25° V:24 Outdoor Directional Wireless

by Tupavco

UPC: 741360888135
Model Number: TP513

Yagi antenna is used to radiate the signal into the forward space. The primary purpose is to reach places where a device with a default antenna would not reach. It is designed for use on stationary objects such as buildings or houses, but it is widely used for remote connection at campgrounds, RV motorhomes, boats, or remote devices like WiFi cameras.

Antenna collects the signal and sends it through the cable to a networking device. It is equipped with a pigtail N-Female connector and it is ready to connect to a device with a proper extension cable. The device needs to have a detachable external antenna connector. It may require a 50 Ohm RF coax expansion cable with N-Male connector on the antenna side and connector type that fits the device on the other side. As a rule of thumb, always use the shortest line and thickest cable to avoid signal loss. Do not use RG59/RG6 coax (75 Ohm TV cable) – signal will be seriously degraded.


Directional Long Range Point-To-Point

This directional antenna is designed for point to point directional wireless applications. To maximize the benefits of this antenna type, point the signal beam to a remote WiFi node. It provides the most focused 17dBi signal in a narrow horizontal and vertical beamwidth of ~25°.

The distance this antenna can reach may vary based on obstacles on the antenna path to the remote WiFi node like walls, trees, and other objects. The best signal gain is when a “direct line of sight” between the antenna and the remote location is possible.

Electrical Data:

Frequency: 2400-2483 MHz
Gain: 17 dBi
Polarization: Horizontal or Vertical
Horizontal Beamwidth: 25°
Vertical Beamwidth: 24°
Nominal Impedance: 50 Ohms
F/B Ratio: >18 dB
Max Input Power: 100 W
Lightning Protection: DC Ground

Mechanical Data:
Connector: N Female
Dimensions: 35.04in
Weight: 1.01 lb
Cable Length: 9.45in
Reflector Material: Aluminum Alloy
Antenna Material: Mast
Mast Size: Ø40-Ø50mm
Rated Wind Velocity: 210km/h
Operating temperature: -40~+65C

Mounting hardware included

2x U-Bolts
2x mounting bracket
4x screw nuts
8x washers

To mount this antenna, insert U-bolts around the mast pole and put them in the mounting bracket. Secure it with washers and screw nuts.

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  • Total newbie question here. We have a cabin ~150' from our house with a direct line of sight. I'm assuming I can mount this on the cabin, pointed at our house where the modem/router is located. I have a range extender I can put in the cabin but it doesn't have coax, only Ethernet ports. Is there an adapter available to go directly from N male to Ethernet?

    Hello Keith. You can't connect coax to ethernet, the device needs to have a connector for the external antenna.

  • Hi, I hope to get radation pattern for excel file. Because I want to examine that this antenna is suitable.

    Here it is, thanks

  • I have an indoor router that delivers about 5 mbps of speed. the cellular tower is 2 miles away so will this improve my speed?

    This is a WIFI antenna and is not designed to pickup cell signals. You are better off with a cell booster.

  • Would this work as an antenna for a wi-fi receiver card?

    Yes, but you may need a cable adapter depending on the Connectors on the card.

  • Can I use this with an adapter cable to add strength to my ip cameras signal? i have a camera out in the garage that goes to a wireless repeater?

    You'd be better off adding this antenna to the AP or repeater aimed at the camera.

  • I need about 30ft + of cable for this antenna.

    Sorry, probably not much help but had this problem tried lots of different ones from Amazon. Have to look at the ends on cables and ended up buying the adapter ends. But now Amazon has cut back on returns... Had to return 4 0r 5 to get the right one... Good reception with the antenna... best one of this kind I bought.

  • What kind of cable or connector do I need to connect to tplink tl-wn722n wireless usb adapater?

    We can offer different types of converters with surge protectors (2 in 1). Check Tupavco 1605.

  • We have comcast and we need to extend our wifi from the main house to our little house 50 feet away, will this hook into the comcast modem/router?

    I believe so, but you have to get the proper cable. The router I used was an ASUS. This is the cable I used: TP-Link TL-ANT24PT3 3m/10ft N Male to RP-SMA Male Pigtail Cable and you also need a router that you can use as a repeater.

  • Can this be placed in an attic and still work properly?

    I would not recommend it , this antenna is directional with a narrow path . I purchased one for a project construction site and tried and tried to make it work , mounted it 25ft high unobstructed and pointed directly at cell tower ( it was 12 miles away granted) and was unsatisfied so i returned it. Trees and any obstructions in its path with break up the singal.You have to do a lot of research to determine the right antenna to use based on your device. This antenna is old technology, but I am far from an expert nor do I claim to be.

  • Could this be mounted vertically(pointing up) on an rv tv antenna so when the antenna is down flat against the roof the yagi is also out of the way?

    No. This antenna is extremely directional and must be pointed in the direction of the station you are trying to contact.

  • I new in this, so I can connect to a wifi repeater and boost their signal, I need to connect 2 devices at 500 fr will this help, I need 2 of this?

    I have a computer 300ft. distance from a wifi router, the download speed is the same from the remote computer and the computer in the house where the router is. The antenna on the source router is vertical, I mounted the Yagi WiFi Antenna in a vertical polarization. The antenna worked as expected.

  • I have wifi in my house and I want to use this antenna outside my shop pointing at the router to then bring wifi in my shop. Is this the right device?

    I use it the other way around. I have it connected to my outdoor WiFi extender and pointed to my WiFi enabled devices. I use it as a WiFi boosting antenna. It has increased my WiFi reception by 25-50% at my devise located 100ft away.

  • Would this antenna boost open WIFI to my RV? What does the inside end antenna wire connect to inside my RV? We have phone & laptops w/weak WIFI.

    Yes it will boost the external WIFI signal. And you need to buy a cable to connect to it and an amplifier inside your RV. Amazon sells a cable that probably will work if your amp has an SMA input connector.

  • What's the differnce between the tp513 and this tp512 models?

    If you look at the specification of each one side-by-side you will notice that the TP-513 is larger than the TP-512. Put the specifications up on your screen and compare the differences.

  • Is it male or female connector at the end of the cable?

    N-Female. Depends on your needings (a device you need to connect) we can offer different types of converters with surge protectors (2 in 1).

  • What is the easiest way to get this connected to a router so i can connect wifi to several units (phones, tv's, laptops, etc.) throughout boat?

    There is a special jack on the antenna, a barrel type. You just hand tighten it, though make sure your ap has a compatible male socket.

  • Is this antenna designed to attach to my laptop and then I point the antenna directly at my neighbors router or is it the other way around do I attach this to my neighbors Wi-Fi and then. The antenna to my laptop.

    Your first consideration is that this antenna cannot physically connect to a router without adapters. It comes with Reverse Polarity N Female connections I think. Routers I've seen use sma connectors. This antenna can focus your outbound traffic and is a high gain antenna so it will transmit a long way provided the radios output is also up there. On the other side of the link you will be limited by the same factors. Antenna type, antenna gain, radio output, etc. If I were making a link to another site which required more than a residential grade wifi repeater, I would use a ubiquity 2.4 ghz radio configured as a bridge. You need line of sight and if it is close you could use a 5ghz radio instead. Those radios with the antenna in question will easily span a 3 mile gap if line of sight is possible. Have some obstructions? Try a 900mhz radio link from the same manufacturer. The 2.4 radios cost about 50 dollars a piece and are not hard to configure. Assign an ip, set up wpa and whitelist, Aim them at one another and you are up and running. If you set them up in bridge mode, network devices wont see the bridge as a separate network. The lan is extended.

  • Do I install this at the router end or the recieving end a half mile away with clear line of sight?

    If you want that long of range, you'll need to use two with one at each end. A client won't have enough power to send all the way back otherwise, and vice versa.

  • Does the antenna need to be outside, or could it be pointing at the site through a window? would it pick up starbucks wifi across a street?

    This antenna is line of sight. Through a window will be OK but the glass will reduce some of the signal. It should pickup the signal from Starbucks but again what is the distance, depends on how far "across the street" really is.

  • What is the connector on the antenna (the one that the other end of the N-connector is connected to)?

    There is no connector on that end of the coax. It is attached directly to the folded dipole element.

  • I don't have internet, wifi, or satellite tv and live way out in the country. what do you suggest?

    Buy a very long yagi antenna for TV. This one is for wifi extending.

  • This is meant to be placed outside, correct? I can share my signal by mounting this atop parents house 300ft away, running coax from yagi to modem?

    This is overkill for 300'. At that range you will have to be pretty spot on as this is very directional. I would look into dish's IMO. If you do decide to go with this, while it is great at transmitting, receiving is not its strong suit. Will need a powerful transmitter on the far end also. As far as connecting to your modem. You will most likely need a n to rp-sma adapter and your router must be using one antenna/radio for send and receive. will also kill the wifi in your own home unless you are using an additional AP. If you have line of sight or slightly distorted. I would look into some UB nanostations or the equivalent.

  • Hi, I need to extend wifi down to my dock with is about 800ft away. Will this work if I use a signal booster inside of the house with router?

    I don't think 800 ft going work. This one work for me within 300ft using alfa 36NH usb card with 2000mw power. I like the 25dbi parabolic antenna better. The parabolic antenna , I can pick up free wifi from 700-800ft. But the speed was not fast, maybe 1-2mbs.

  • I've been using this for an xfinity hotspot and it works great! But does anyone know a beter os for a router? I've been using linuxmint and keeps going.

    No I know it can be used directly to a usb wifi adapter.

  • What type of connector does it use? Can anyone provide good close-up photo of actual connector at end of cable connected to antenna?

    N-Female. Depends on your needings (a device you need to connect) we can offer different types of converters with surge protectors (2 in 1).

  • How can I adopt my antenna to my dell laptop?

    This antenna is to extend the access point to strengthen the signal to the laptop. Brings signal to the laptop not the laptop pulling the signal.

  • I need to extend signal 2000 feet will this work and do I need a receiving antenna on the receiving end?

    Some sort of receiving antenna is required. After all a WiFi is a radio signal and works like any AM, FM or radar signal. You will need a WiFi to Ethernet/Network converter at the receiving end to connect back into a computer.

  • What is the dimensions?

    35 x 3.5 inches

  • Do I need a signal booster between this and my router? I'm getting a low signal at about 100 feet.

    Wifi is polarized, try turning the spikes a quarter turn. If they're flat, make em up and down, or vice versa. If you look at the front of the antenna change it from --- to | or vice versa. Hope this helps.

  • Will this work on a wifi security camera?

    It will. if the camera has an RF connector on it to attacxh the antenna.

  • So i buy this antenna. What kind of unit am i suppose to hook it to? Apparently not a regular wifi router.

    I connected the yagi antenna to a Alfa AWUS036NHV 802.11n High Power 5000mW Wireless-N USB Wi-Fi adapter, you have to use an adapter that has an antenna port you can screw the yagi antenna cable to, the cable from the alfa is a USB cable and will connect to you computer whether it is a laptop or deskctop.

  • I'm new at this. I want to use the antenna with my laptop which has an internal wifi and a network adapter. Can I plug in and use directly?

    No. The antenna uses coax cable. Mine is plugged into a wifi extender that feeds from my router.

  • What else do i need different from the antenna and the cable and router?

    I have not set it up yet as I have been so busy. I suspect it can be directly hooked up to a router or a computer wifi card but I have not attempted this yet. my goal was to send and receive between my home and a detached structure about 100 feet away. there are brick walls on each building so a directional antenna will be, in theory, helpful.

  • Hi we not sure about this wifi yagi tupavco tp513 what cable & adpters i need for this 802.11b/g/n alfa 10 ft will work for a start what u suggest.

    To connect to the alfa you need rp-sma and type N male to connect to the antenna. The shorter the cable the better the signal will be.

  • Would I plug this into a router which re-broadcasts the wifi throughout a motorhome?

    Yes you can as long as your router has plug to accept the yagi cable.

  • Hello, I have a yagi wifi antenna, what kind of cable and router do I need to use it?

    I am using a product from C C Crane,the adapter is C C Vector, And I sometimes use an adapter from ALFA (got this from Amazon ). Works really good at the RV park I am at now in Sebring Fl... Is picking up about 27 signals at this time... Live in a motorhome, antenna is about 12 ft, mounted outside.hope this helps.

  • Is it USB or wifi card connector?

    It is only an antenna. It has a connector that connects to a radio, like the Ubiquiti Bullet radio.

  • My access point is 600-700 ft away. I do have decent line of sight. Is this range possible with this antenna?

    It is possible with a few variables decreasing your odds. How directional is the base station? Is the line of sight completely clear or partially obstructed? How congested are the WiFi channels where this will be located?

  • The yagi wifi that I have comes with a cable like a mini coaxial cable female end, what kind of cable or plug do I need to connect it to the yagi?

    Depends on your needings (a device you need to connect) we can offer different types of converters with surge protectors (2 in 1).

  • Does this antenna work with the XBee communication module?

    You will need a U.FL to N adapter cable ant it should work just fine.

  • Will this device improve my reception from a public Wi-Fi source?


  • Can this be held by hand, or does it have to be mounted? If held by hand (in the middle), would that affect the signal?

    Good antenna mounted on 1-1/4 plastic pipe. Would not know about holding it, very light weight though.

  • Hi, my router is a pepwave surf-on-the-go. would that antenna be a good fit for it?

    I'm using it with a alpha and I get great reception.

  • What do you connect the Yagi wi-fi antenna to? And how do you know what direction to point it to, if you have no visible cell or wi-fi towers?

    You will want to connect this to a USB WiFi adapter or a router. As you turn the antenna you will see access points come in and out as it is a directional antenna. We used two of these in conjunction with Alpha USB adapters offshore to share internet from platform to platform right at a mile away with no problems. Remember though, there is always that monster named line of sight. You can also use these with the M2 bullet, the only bad thing is that the M2 is .5 watts and the Alpha USB is 1 full watt, makes a difference. Hope this helps.

  • I am interested in mounting this antenna on my RV batwing and then using existing tv cable to get signal into the coach. Will this work?

    No regular tv ant will not work, here is what I used this MPD Digital 400-n-sma-15 Times Microwave LMR-400 Coaxial Antenna Cable Line with N Male & SMA Male Connectors, 15' , and then to this ,2pcs RF coaxial coax adapter SMA female to RP-SMA male, if you have a better solution let me know. I'm not pleased with this. Its like adding an anvil to connect a flower.

  • Do I need a wi-fi antenna if I connect an hd-tv antenna?

    They are 2 different antennas for 2 different uses. And 2 completely different frequency ranges.

  • What's it range?

    About 200 ft between the guest house and the main house.

  • What type of connector does it use? Can anyone provide good close-up photo of actual connector?

    It is an N male connector. The same type used by older Linksys AP devices. Most people will need a N male to sma adapter.

  • Will this also extend 5ghz signals when connected to such port?

    I doubt that this antenna will work for 5Ghz. The design of all Tagi antennas are specific to a range, in this case, 2.4 GHz.

  • Can anyone recommend an outdoor wifi client router/bridge for use with this? i had a tp-link TL-wa7210n, but it's misbehaving and no longer available.

    I don't have any for outdoor routers but have a few recommendations for routers used indoors.

  • The pictures shows some sort of coax connector but some answers mention usb. what exactly is the connector and can i plug it directly into a pc wifi?

    You will need the cable adapter to go from this antenna to your application.