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2.5GB Switch (8 Port) PoE++ for Ethernet Network - High Speed 10M/100M/1G/2.5G Gigabit (802.3bz) - Tupavco TP1981

by Tupavco

UPC: 850043852070
Model Number: TP1981

The Tupavco TP1981 Ethernet switch brings high-speed to your network. With enough ports for all your devices, and PoE+ (30W) power on all ports, this switch is perfect as a centerpiece for your Ethernet network or LAN. Port 1 on the device has PoE++ (90W) power capabilities, maximizing compatibility with your setup.

Lights near the ports indicate the current speed of transmission on the port, and whether the port is supplying PoE power. The switch is easy to install, and designed to be durable.

What devices are compatible with this Ethernet switch?

Almost any Ethernet device can be plugged into our switch as long as it can be plugged in via CAT5/CAT5E/CAT6/CAT6A cables. Please check PoE power needs for your device in reference to the available power on each port of our device.

How do the lights show the speed of the current connection on each port?

There are two lights next to each port that indicate the current speed of transmission on each port, in categories of <100 MBPS, 100-1000 MBPS, and 1-2.5 GBPS using different colors.

How hot/loud does the switch get?

This switch does not make noise, and does not heat up much during normal use, but can withstand temperatures from -20 to 50 degrees Celsius if necessary.

How is this network switch installed?

As it is an unmanaged switch, the installation is very straightforward, as the only thing necessary is to plug in your devices via cables into the ports, and plug in the power cord of the switch (included) and it is ready to go. No software is necessary.

What IEEE standards is this device compatible with?

Port 1 is compatible with IEEE 802.3bt standards for PoE++ (90W power), Ports 2-8 are compatible with IEEE 802.3at standards for PoE+ (30W power), while all ports 1-8 are compatible with IEEE 802.3bz 2.5 GBPS standards.

Manual (PDF)


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