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DSL Filter Kit 5 Pack Inline DSL Phone Filters & Wall Filter & Splitter & Cable

by Tupavco
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UPC: 303000525000

DSL FILTER KIT works with all DSL Networks to eliminate background noise that is associated with DSL hook ups. Line inline filter with a giveback jack allows DSL subscribers to use a HPNA device or DSL modem with their existing telephone (POTS) device, (such as fax machines, answering machines, and analog modems), at the same time.

The 1-Line inline filter is clearly marked for quick and easy installation. Once the filter is installed, telephone devices receive a clean, clear POTS or analog services on line 1, while the unfiltered line, marked DSL/HPNA, can be used for DSL or HPNA devices.


  • DSL Phone Inline filters 5 Pack plus Extras
  • DSL Wall filter (NS273) - 1 pc
  • Dual Line DSL Splitter - 1 pc
  • CAT3 UTP Phone Cord (booted) 14ft RJ11 - 1 pc
  • Whole House DSL Filter Pack
  • Ensures optimized DSL connections and "total isolation" of analog noise, interference, and modem errors.
  • Complies ADSL technology.
  • No degradation in telephone audio volume levels or line quality.
  • DSL filters can be used with telephones, fax machines, and analog modems that share a DSL line or use home computer networks.
  • Use one filter for each telephone device. If several devices are connected to the same telephone wall jack, use only one filter between the first device and the wall jack.
  • Splitter is inclluded for one filter.
  • Easy to install.

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  • Does this product eritnet cable and a phone hook up?

    Yes, there is a phone cable in the kit.

  • Will this provide filter for 2 phone lines. i see rj12 plug has 4 contacts. looking for dsl filter that provides filtering for 2 phone lines.

    Yes, you can use splitter to attach to one filter to use it with 2 phone lines.