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Ethernet Extender Kit - 2pc Pair TEX-200 - Cable Extension up to 5000ft over Phone Copper Wire or Network Cable

by Tupavco

Ethernet Extender Kit TEX-200

UPC: 638362930040
Model Number: TP1326

Ethernet Extender Kit TEX-200 extends the Ethernet cable (CAT5, CAT6, CAT7, RJ45) range well beyond 328 feet (100m) limit to up to 5000 ft (1.5 km) over 2-wire twisted pair. The Ethernet booster uses VDSL2 technology to extend network service through a single-pair phone line copper wire or an existing RJ-45 cable. This network extender kit can use an existing network or phone line setup to deliver long reach Ethernet cable signal where the wireless signal transmission is not possible or in situations where a wired signal is limited by the RJ45 cable length.

These point to point network boosters are perfect for commercial buildings, residential units, hospitality environments, remote office spaces or private-network backbone to a corporate LAN. Network Extender can be used to connect separate buildings on remote locations where cable connection (RJ-45 or telephone line) is available or already exist, or connect remote devices (i.e. PC, computer, digital sensors in the field, AP, VoIP phone, WiFi APs, IP Camera, Intercom, Modem, Router) to the main ethernet/internet source.

Ethernet Extender TEX-200 kit comes in a pair, a sender and receiver, and is Plug-And-Play ready and easy to set up with no configuration, driver, or software needed. To establish a point-to-point connection, devices are factory preset in CO and CPE (RT) modes as the sender and receiver.

Four DIP switch user-selectable settings provide the flexibility required to achieve the optimal speed-distance combination and can optimize performance based on the quality of the line, speed, the distance to reach, different applications scenarios, and network topology. DIP switch provides 8 separate profiles which will allow you to set it up to best fit your needs (G.INP/Interleaved, 17a/30a, Target SNR 6/8/12/24 dB, Symmetric/Asymmetric Modes).

Two sets of three LED indicators are built-in for easy diagnosing and monitoring the status of power, CO/CPE mode, link activity and data rate.

Please make sure that the product fits your application. If there is a problem to pass the signal through a long cable, set up Ethernet extenders next to each other with a short test cable to start communication, so they can be tested before deploying.

If you have any questions before you order or if you are not able to set the kit up, let us know and we will help you to make the kit work.

Investing in a compact, easy to install ethernet bridge repeater with all of the needed features and proven reliability can be the most cost-effective solution to enable data transmission to remotely located ethernet devices.

Manual (PDF)

Quick Installation Guide (PDF)


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  • Where would I get the 2U rack mount 17-slot chassis shown in the product description?

    Hello. This chasis is discontiniued, sorry.