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Phone Cable 300ft Rounded Black Roll (100 M - 328 ft) 4X1/0.4 Reel Round Telephone Long Cord

by Tupavco
UPC: 741360888265
Model Number: TP802
  • Phone Cable 4 Wire of 3 mm, 26 gauge (AWG) length of over 300 ft (100 m); Compatible with RJ11/4P4C
  • Black Round Phone Spool 4x1/0.4 Red-Green-Yellow-Black Solid Copper insulated strands for fast signal
  • Bulk Reel of Telephone Cord; Outer PVC casing shields signal from line interruptions and outer elements
  • Phone Cable helps connect different components of telephone setup easily; Plug ends are not included
  • Bulk Roll of 300 feet Long Telephone Cord connects Phone Line, modems and fax machines through walls

Phone Cable (Black) 300 feet is useful to connect longer distance devices or, such as the telephone machine with the wall jack, phone outlets inside the walls, or different parts of the telephone setup. The cable comes in a roll with no spool and is ready to be configured from the package to your desired specifications.

Black Phone Cable Roll

The cable’s distance of more than 100 meters helps it make even the most distant connections. Inside the phone cord, 4 solid insulated connector wire are set straight in their casing. This makes the telephone cords perfect for mounting RJ11 connector plugs on each end of the cable once you’ve measured out the distance you need, and cut the cable. The ends of the wires are suited to be put on 6P4C phone plugs are also compatible with RJ9 / RJ12 / RJ22 and 4P4C / 6P4C / 8P4C telephone modular connectors. The cable’s four connector wires are shielded in a PVC plastic jacket to further prevent outside interference and ensure insulation. Its recommended using conduit tube for outside conditions or underground where the cable is vulnerable to the elements. The ends of the cable come customizable, with no modular connectors plugs, allowing you to set up the cable with whatever fits your specific needs.

Round Telephone Cord

The cable, spanning up to 100 meters (328 feet), can have many different uses in a phone setup. It can be used to connect long-distance components through the walls, help plug in a home phone to the wall jack, or connect a telephone line to a telephone network. The quality copper in the four inside wires provides a fast and uninterrupted signal transmission between different devices. The inside wires are each a millimeter thick, with the bare copper on each strand being 26 AWG 1/0.4 millimeters thick. The whole cable, with the outer casing, is about 3 millimeters in diameter. The small size of the cable, paired with its quality and reliability, makes it perfect for a wide variety of uses. Its thin construction paired with its durability can easily go through drywall and can make sure multiple rooms and floors of your house are connected to your home phone setup. The phone cable can also be utilized to connect DSL line, security camera, fax machine or modem to your personal setups.

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  • Is there an advantage to round vs flat phone cable?

    Round is easier to put through small holes in walls or floors. Flat is great for running along baseboards or up walls. I did not notice any difference in texture being brittle.

  • Is it solid copper or cca?

    It's solid to me. I ran the roll the full length. For me it's serving the purpose, and I'm using it outdoors. For the price it's passable. I got a slow dsl line,so I can't tell if it's slower. 600 ft. was the length of our property line to a shack. that line is for 4 cameras on the family estate. I hope this helps.

  • What gauge wire is this? Is it solid core wire? Is it shielded? Is it rated for outdoors/exterior? Sheez, it sure would help if some of this IMPORTANT information was included by the seller.

    It's solid wire, shielded. I am not sure about gauge.

  • Is this 300 feet or 328?

    It is 328ft.

  • I saw in the pictures that the phone line has no head. So does it have phone line heads oris it just the cable and I have to instal the ends?

    It is just the cable, you will need to install the connectors.

  • What gauge wire is this? Is it a solid copper core wire? Is it shielded? Is it rated for outdoors/exterior? Sheez, it sure would help if the seller provided some of this IMPORTANT information.

    It's 4 copper wires with a plastic "cover". The packaging doesn't give a guage. Nor is it printed on the cable. It is the size of standard telephone cables. I have read reviews that other buyers have used it under ground. Other than that, I'm not sure if it can be used outdoors.

  • Are there 4 insulated wires with red, green, yellow and black color codes? What is the individual wire gauge? Is it solid wire? Is it copper wire?

    Yes, they are insulated wires, red, green, yellow, black. It's a solid cooper wire. I am not 100% sure but 1/0.4mmm should be 26AWG.

  • Is this cable composed of two twisted pairs?

    It has 4 copper wires. Red, green, yellow and black.

  • Is the color code red, green, yellow, black as "station wire" is known in the industry. I plan to use on blocks with screw terminals that go to RJ-11's.

    It's 4 copper wires. Red, green, yellow and black.

  • I've got to run about 100 feet of phone line underground from the box on the house to the garage. is this the right stuff ? if not, what is?

    I would not run it underground unprotected. It's good phone cable, but not meant to be exposed to the elements. If you bury it in pvc or something, you'd probably be ok. To find the right wire, you'll look for outdoor or in ground rated wires. Just remember where it's buried or you may be replacing it sooner than you want to.

  • Can this cable be used outdoors?

    No, this is for indoor installation only.