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Rack Mount Fan - 2 Fan Server Cooling System - 1U 19" Rackmount Cabinet Panel Adjustable Temperature Control

by Tupavco

UPC: 709401088166
Model Number: TP1721

This unit finds use in a wide variety of situations, from home theater setups to server and computer network cabinets, to music and DJ equipment racks, and audio-video (AV) subracks.

The two high volume cabinet fans pump out 150 CFM of air through a top exhaust, providing a healthy flow stream to keep your setup cool.

The server cooler system is controlled by an easy to use, user-friendly programmable controller set through an LCD display screen, which is used to monitor the temperature of the system through a probe attached to the fan cabinet, telling the fan when to turn on.

Automatic adjustments are then made accordingly to keep the airflow of the rackmount optimal. This keeps your valuable equipment operating at the temperature range of peak performance and is a safety check against overheating.

This versatile rack cooling fan system can mount to any 19” standard cabinet, making it useful in many different applications. The rack fans are best positioned near the top of your rack or near the device that tends to overheat, pumping the hot air away from the equipment.

The 2 powerful and quiet fans are encased in a sturdy aluminum enclosure and are finished in a sleek black design. The quiet build of the cooler coupled with the high-performance fans that pump out 150 cubic feet per minute make the fans a steal on any budget.

To set the minimum temperature at which the thermostat tells the fans to turn on, press the “S” button on the display for 3 seconds. At this point, the display should show “F1”. Then, press the “S” button again to adjust the displayed temperature with the up/down arrows by the display while holding the “S” button.

This is the set Fahrenheit temperature for the system. Press the power button to lock the temperature.

Adjustable temperature control helps ensure optimal performance for your rackmount such as network, server, music, and AV cabinets.

Compact design mounts to any 19" inch cabinet and takes up only 1 unit of space Simple and easy to use LCD display allows user to control temperature. Noise controlled fans make the cooling system useful for a quiet office or business space.

Manual (PDF)


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