RJ9 Modular Headset Connector (100 Pack Per Bag) 4P4C Phone Connectors - RJ9/RJ10/RJ22 Jack Crimp

by Tupavco

UPC: 741360888296

100 PCs Telephone Modular Headset 4P4C Plug Connector Crimp End RJ9/RJ22 / LOT
RJ9/RJ22 4P4C Crimp Plugs
4 pin RJ9/RJ22 connector for flat stranded cable


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  • Does this include the tool for crimping the end to the cord?

    No, just the ends.

  • I want to use for rj10 - 4p4c type, it's possible?

    Not feasible, RJ9 is normally used for the cord between the handset and the telephone. It is smaller in width than the RJ10 connector, When a RJ9 is used in an RJ10 socket it will be loose and likely to fall out and/or leading to inconsistent connections. Suggest you do not try this. USE RJ10 for RJ10 connections. Different size connectors are intended for different purposes, trying to mix and match is a recipe for failure.

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