Shielded RJ45 CAT5 CAT5E Crimp Connector (100 Pack Bag) 8P8C STP Ethernet Network Cable Plug

by Tupavco

UPC: 741360888319

Shielded RJ45 CAT5e (100 pcs bag) , Cat5E RJ45 8P8C Lan Network Patch Plug Crimp UTP Connector LOT CAT5

Standard Shielded Cat6 RJ45 network cable connector

8 contacts (8P 8C) for 8 wire connections

Suitable for CAT 5 and CAT 5e

Compatible to standard RJ45 sockets

Made from high quality polycarbonate

Pins Purity of copper wire higher than 99.99% Shielding your network prevents signal loss and electromagnetic EMI/RFI interference and maintains a proper ground connection. Fully shielded products provide reduced pair-to-pair crosstalk, alien crosstalk, and considerably improved immunity to noise at all frequencies. Significantly improve Shannon capacity. TP806 have 8 pins and 8 conductors (8P8C). Superior two-prong contact design for a solid round or stranded wire cables. Compatible with any standard RJ45 sockets Made from high-quality polycarbonate Pins Purity of copper wire higher than 99.99% The wires have to be cut to the correct length before they are inserted into the connector. The crimper presses the pins (blades) into the wires. You don't have to strip the wires, but they do have to be cut to length. Wrap the metal cord from the cable around the outside of the cable before sliding it into the connector and then it gets crimped in. You can also loop this shielded wire around one of the crimp ears. Works with CAT5/CAT5E. For the CAT6 please use TP807 Crimp Connector.


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