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USB-C KVM Switch - (2 Ports) Control Two Computers w/One Shared Keyboard/Monitor/Mouse - HDMI and Audio Output - Tupavco TKVM-U2

by Tupavco
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UPC: 638362930170
Model Number: TP131

Tupavco TKVM-U2 USB-C KVM Switch

What is KVM switch?

KVM is an abbreviation for "keyboard, video and mouse". KVM Switch is a hardware device that allows a user to control multiple computers from one set of keyboard/monitor/mouse.

As technology is becoming more advanced by the minute there is a constant need to keep up. If you are on the look for a KVM switch you must have noticed that the market is flooded with ones still boasting VGA ports...

Who still uses VGA?

Tupavco TKVM-U2 is a USB-C KVM switch. Why is this important? Simple, USB C is currently the most used port on modern devices and as such compatibility of you devices is increased, no more signal converters and tons of cable.

KVM-U2 can support up to 2 devices, so to put in perspective 2 PC, Laptops, MAC, Mobile Phones. Or perhaps you just need to share some peripherals like Printer/Scanner this enables you to use them from the same Keyboard|Monitor|Mouse setup with a simple press of a button, mouse swipe or keyboard hotkey. Another reason why our product is better would be a resolution.

A combination of USB-C and HDMI 2.0 supports even 4k UHD @60Hz resolution. HDMI output resolution up to 4K x 2K @60Hz 4:4:4.

The device is highly compatible with multiple operating systems Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, etc.

Finally, the setup, and again simplicity is the answer. Quality of life changes, even the smallest ones are always felt.

NO Installation, NO Drivers, just Plug&Play and you're ready to go, all cables are included with the device.

Manual (PDF)


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