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Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver HD Extender Kit Dual Band 1080P Video/Audio/IR Signal Extension

by Tupavco
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UPC: 638362929365

Tupavco TRM245 wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver system allow you to wirelessly extend your audio/video signal from HDMI capable devices. You can successfully share picture and sound from your DVD, DVR, CCTV, Camera, VCR, IPTV, BluRay, Gaming Console, Laptop/Computer, Projector and similar to any other HDMI device in another room in Full HD 1080 resolution without running inconvenient cables throughout your home.

TRM245 creates its own wireless network which you can control by using an admin interface. All you need is to power on your devices without connecting HDMI cable, and using your PC, Macbook, Chromebook or smartphone browser to access admin GUI. From there, you have full control of your wireless HDMI extender. Choose the frequency channel of your HDMI wifi, change the name, password...

The system operates on advanced dual band wireless transmission scheme either 2.5 GHz or 5.8 GHz, with a plenty of channels made to avoid interference and strong 16dBm signal for a long distance transmission. HDMI cable extender can transmit the signal through ceilings, walls, floors, but the maximum range of broadcasting directly depends on a number of obstacles in your environment. If you have non-porous obstacles such as glass, steel, brick or concrete, you may expect signal strength to drop significantly.

IR remote control gives you the ability to control the content you watch from your preferred location. Just point it to a receiver, and change the HD content from another room without going to the source location.

The package includes 2 devices, sender and receiver, 2 high-quality HDMI cables, 2 power adapters, IR extension cable, and quick setup guide.

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Ask a Question
  • Can I purchase another receiver and run two?

    Yes, it is possible to run two receivers on one transmitter.

  • Would this work with ps4 pro and nintendo switch?

    Yes, it should work with any HDMI source.

  • If I buy 3 pieces.i I can connect in 5 Tvs and a transmitter?

    From my experience, you can't use more than one of these (one transmitter and one receiver) in the same environment.

  • Broadcast from tv inside the house to a tv outside the house. distance less than 50 ft with large window in between. will this work?

    Based upon your description, it should work but my experience was within a shorter distance (30-35 feet). You'll need to try it, as the performance and reliability of these devices can vary from one environment to another. Interference from wifi networks can also be a factor, as these devices typically use similar channels and frequencies.

  • Will the remote work from the transmitter end? It is implied that it is suppose to work from the receiving end.

    This product is the best I have ever seen. I have it connected on my patio tv/cable box and the receiver is on a tv in my office about 75 feet away. The remote works flawlessly at both tv's. No drag or delay in picture. A must buy if you're looking to wirelessly connect a tv from anywhere to anywhere (within specs).