Yagi Directional Antenna 3G/4G/LTE 9dBi 800MHz-960MHz and 1.7-2.5GHz RP-SMA Male cable to TS-9 adapter

by Tupavco

UPC: 0741360888142

Yagi Antenna Wide Band 806-960/1710-2500 MHz H-POL or V-POL, 0.8-2.5GHz yagi antenna 9dBi outdoor, two types of connectors RP-SMA-Male and TS-9 2FT Cable (RP-SMA-M to TS9 Adapter)

Electrical Data:
Frequency: 806-960/1710-2500 MHz
Gain: 9 dBi
VSWR: < 1.5:1
Polarization: Horizontal or Vertical
Horizontal Beamwidth: 65°
Vertical Beamwidth: 55°

Mechanical Data:
Connector: RP-SMA-Male and TS-9 2FT Cable (RP-SMA-M to TS9 Adapter)
Dimensions: 11.81*8.27*2.56 in
Weight: 1.76 lb
Cable Length: 1ft
Radome Material: Weatherproof ABS
Mounting Method: Mast Size Ø40-Ø50mm

Wide Band Yagi Antenna is ideal for Distributed Antenna Systems and it is used to distribute Cellular and WiFi signals throughout a building or area. The broadband characteristics of the antenna enable it to operate over a very wide frequency. This antenna features 9 dBi of gain and a 55 degree vertical beam width. It is supplied with a tilt and swivel mast mount kit.

The main benefit of this wideband Yagi antenna is its ability to focus its signal in one direction leading to the greater gain figures. This antenna is designed for use on stationary objects such as buildings or houses.

Yagi Cell Antenna TP514 is a roof antenna and in most cases can not be attached directly to the device (wifi router, signal booster, etc.) without some type of cable converter/adapter. This is the directional antenna and you will need to know the direction of your source signal. Also, you can put amp of some kind or signal booster between device and antenna. Please check your cellular provider frequency to be sure that antenna range will cover that frequency.
The antenna does not come with pole mount; it comes with two Ubolts which can be used with the attached plate for pole mounting.