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WiFi Antenna Dual Band - (2.4GHz) and (5GHz/5.8GHz) 9dBi - Medium Range Directional LAN Network

by Tupavco
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UPC: 741360888906
Model Number: TP541

DB541 Dual Band 9dBi

Dual Band design of this antenna eliminates the need to purchase different antennas for each frequency range and it can be used outdoor on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz range.

Covers 2.4GHz and 5GHz Range

The main benefit of this dual-band antenna is its ability to focus its signal in one direction leading to the greater gain figures. This antenna is designed for use on stationary objects such as buildings or houses. This unique multi-band directional antenna covers the wide multi-range spectrum and can be used for the wide frequency range. Antenna collects the signal and sends it through the cable to an amplifier or other networking devices.

Electrical Data

Frequency: 2400-2500 MHz; 4900-5850 MHZ
Gain: 9 dBi
VSWR: <1.8:1
Polarization: Vertical
Horizontal Beamwidth 2.4GHz Range: 58°
Horizontal Beamwidth 5GHz Range: 50°
Vertical Beamwidth 2.4GHz Range: 47°
Vertical Beamwidth 5GHz Range: 41°
Nominal Impedance: 50 Ohms
F/B Ratio: >20 dB
Max Input Power: 100 W
Lightning Protection: DC Ground

Mechanical Data

Connector: N-Female
Dimensions: 5.9*4.7*2.1in
Weight: 0.77 lb
Cable Length: 11.81in
Reflector Material: Aluminum Alloy
Radome Material: Weatherproof ABS
Mounting Method: Mast or Wall Mount
Mast Size: Ø40-Ø50mm
Rated Wind Velocity: 210km/h
Operating temperature: -40~+65C

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Ask a Question
  • Does this connect to a standard coaxial cable, like the kind used for cable tv?

    No, it is a N type connector.

  • Trying to use this to extend wifi range from router. Connected with sma-n cable to router antenna. It's not working properly. Do I need an amplifier?

    If you are extending the range this will work for reception(RX) however if you are looking to extend your transmit range(TX) then this will not work as it is a directional unit that does not increase transmit gain over what you already have within your WiFi router. If you are looking to increase your transmit range, seek out a WiFi repeater and repeat the SSID from your original router.

  • What else would i need to use this in my rv to get a better wifi signal?

    Just some cable and perhaps a adapter to fit your brand of wh-fi, not the most powerful tho in remote areas, if you have a good signal then its fine, but weak signals tend to dopler and cut out, ok for the price tho, good luck.

  • How do I connect this to the lan port of my router? I plan to direct this to another identical antenna connected to the lan port of another router.

    This is not to be connected to the LAN port on any router. To use this type of external antenna, which is a very good solution for point to point data linkage. The routers must have an external antenna (1, 2, or 3). You will remove one of the local router antenna and use the antenna connector to replace the local antenna ( generally a short 6" antenna). This is the same connection used by both router locations. I would suggest trying the system with only one of these Yagi antenna at the remote location. A Yagi antenna can be directed at a source and send and also receive weak source signals and enhance performance of such a system. This is a common configuration used in Marine and RV enhanced links. Please note, if you do not have external antenna on either routers you can locate a home-made antenna (lots of DIY YouTube info) and use an induced signal tied to the Yagi input/output. This is called a passive link and will pass the signal between the local antenna via the linked Yagi to the remote Yagi linked network.

  • I have the linksys wrt1200 ac with two antennas, my assumption is i would disconnect one of the factory antennas and connect this to that side?

    That is exactly what I did and it is working very well! And I did not turn off the other antenna Port that way it still picks up signal from devices connecting in close range.

  • I'm wanting to use this to increase the wifi reception into my rv. Can you tell me what others components I will need and if I need router ot extender?

    You will need a router and a power booster for it... will only be 2.4 wifi the router u need must have a detachable antenna. Antenna to booster to router.

  • For transmission or reception?

    I actually use them to transmit a video signal, but the antenna also works well as a directional send and receive antenna for routers. I haven't run official stats on strength, but it improved the signal to noise ratio in my environment.

  • Can this be used on the device side? I would like to connect it to one of my wifi security cameras that is just out of range from my wifi base station?

    Yes, however the antenna has a specific pattern of coverage, and the target needs to be in that coverage area.

  • Does this include the mounting bracket shown in the picture?

    Yes, this item came with the mounting bracket.