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Our Blog on the best outdoor omnidirectional WiFi Antennas

The best outdoor omnidirectional WiFi antenna

Omnidirectional wifi antennas are most commonly used in public settings, these places may include zoos or recreation centres. Omni wifi antennas create a powerful wifi signal by broadcasting a full 360-degree radiation pattern which will send the signal in all directions from the antenna. Omni antennas often connect to a router but can also be connected directly to the outdoor access point. Omnidirectional wifi antennas make a huge difference to the signal quality of large spaces, so are a great investment for any large commercial property. Good wifi always keeps customers happy. So, what makes the best outdoor omnidirectional antenna?

Weather proof material

Omnidirectional wifi antennas will usually sit on top of tall buildings to emit the best signal to your commercial site. This means that the antennas will have to survive storms, strong winds, snow and hail. Harsh weather conditions are inevitable no matter where you are, so you need to be prepared. Having a good quality, weather-resistant wifi antenna will prevent problems in the long run and will be long lasting to save you money.

The best omnidirectional wifi antennas will be made from strong, weather-resistant materials. For example, our WiFi Outdoor Omni Antenna High Gain 15dB 2.4Ghz Weatherproof Network Extender Roof Signal Amplifier is made from a weatherproof material that can withstand the toughest weather conditions. This means that your wifi will stay strong no matter the weather.

Good signal strength

The signal strength of your wireless antenna will determine the wifi experience that users will receive. Good signal strength is the key to a smooth wifi connection. Signal strength is measured in decibel milliwatts (dBm). Our omnidirectional outdoor antennas omit a 15 dBm signal which can cover significant range, so are perfect for large commercial sites. The better the signal strength, the more range your antenna will be able to cover.

Easy installation

If you want to save yourself large amounts of time, you will want to find an antenna that is easy to set up. Our outdoor antennas require bolts, nuts and a pole attachment. Easy installation also means that the omnidirectional antenna will be easy to fix if any problems do occur. This will save you time and money hiring a professional to do the work.

Our full range of outdoor wifi antennas is available on our website. If you have any queries, feel free to give us a call!
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